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Data Dolphin Model 600


  • Internal Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • LCD Screen and Buttons
  • 4 12-bit Single Ended Analogs
  • Voltage and 4-20mA Sensor Recorder
  • USB and (Coming Soon) SD-Card Storage
  • Wireless 900MHz Radio Ready
  • ANSI 12.18 and Modbus (Push and Poll)
  • Graphing and Reporting Via the Capture Software with Real Time Data Viewing
  • Non-Volatile Flash Memory
  • Water Proof Sensor Connectors with Auto ID
  • Wireless Datalogging



he Data Dolphin provides the accuracy of a laboratory instrument in the harsh conditions of the field environment. It's wide 0-5V range of input voltages allows for you to attach a wide range of different input types. The four externally accessed inputs can be used with 4-20mA sensors just by enabling a shunt inside the sensor connector. Sensor cables can also be identified for instant input configuration in the DD-600.

Data is stored in a non-volatile flash memory module that gives long term storage without the fear of losing your data because of dead batteries. Data is stored inside a database structure, which allows you to add or delete inputs "on the fly" without having to restart the datalogger. Even the sample rate can be changed without restarting. Coming soon is the ability to store to the on board SD card.

Designed for field use it’s operating temperature range goes from – 40°C to over 75°C and all inputs have static protection. It is powered internally by two 25.9V lithium battery packs which allows it to loop power 4-20mA sensors. There is an adapter unit for charging the battery and an internal coin cell battery to keep the real time clock operating even with the unit powered off. The Data Dolphin’s extremely low operating current gives the datalogger a very long battery life.

Data collection, programming and viewing collected data is a breeze with the Data Dolphin Software. It allows you to view the current status, setup the logger, and generate graphs. You can also export your data to other programs for more detailed analysis and presentations. Support for ANSI 12.18, Modbus, and Internet protocols is packed in, and real time viewing of data is possible when using the DD-600 with a master radio and the Capture software on a PC.

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Maximum Input Voltage: 0 V to +5.0 V (0-20mA)
Analog Voltage Resolution: 1 µV
A/D Bits: 12
Input Impedance: 1 Mohm
Excitation Channels: 2
Excitation Voltage 1: +2500 mV
Excitation Voltage 2: +25900 mV

  • 4 - 12bit Single Ended Analogs or 4 Differentials or Combination of both (1 Differential = 2 Analogs)
  • 1 - Internal Temperature
  • 1 - Internal Battery Level
Power Requirements

Quiescent Current: < 400 µAmp (Typical)
Processing Current: 3 mA


Flash Memory: 4 MB
Data Values: 233,472 (1 Precision Input)

Case Material

ABS or Fibreglass and Polycarbonate


Size (cm) 23 x 15.25 x 11.5
Size (inches) 9.1 x 6 x 4.5
Weight DD-600 with radio module, battery approximately 1.5kg (3.3lbs)

Operating Temperature Range

Standard -40 to +60°C
Extended -55 to +80°C