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Data Dolphin 2


  • Windows Software with Simple Interface
  • Built-in Graphing and Analysis Tools
  • Works with all Models of Data Dolphin
  • Export directly to Excel or CSV
  • Apply Settings to all of Your Loggers Easily
  • No Programming Knowledge Necessary



seful information, and the means of extracting it, has always been a challenge to researchers and technicians of complex systems. With the purchase of your Data Dolphin Data Logger and Data Dolphin software, you have taken a giant step toward effortless and powerful data collection. Built in graphing and data export allows one to make sense of their data visually, or let you easily import into other platforms.

No programming knowledge is required to set your Data Dolphin Data Logger up for use. Use a simple GUI to select your inputs you wish to data log, and use drop down menus to let your logger know what is connected. Input sensor coefficients if necessary and set your data logging period and you're ready to go.

Data Dolphin Software requires Windows XP or later versions of the Windows operating system in order to run. If you are going to connect directly to a logger you will also need one free RS-232 Serial Port (i.e.: COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, etc.). We offer a Serial to USB converter as well for direct communications. Wireless connection to a remote Data Dolphin will require a properly installed radio or internet connection.

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