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  • Data Available 24/7
  • On Demand Generated Reports
  • Alarm Notification via Email/SMS
  • Visual Site Status with Map of Sites
  • Multiple Level User Security
  • Web Services API for Importing Data
  • Easy to Use Interface


Technical Notes

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ptimum Instruments unique Web application ViewDataNow offers the ability to view and retrieve your data over the Internet. Its interactive interface allows you to view your sites graphically on a map; generate graphs; view the current status of a site and also download the data for your own use. ViewDataNow is accessed through the web thereby eliminating the need to update or maintain any software on your PC or phone. All you ever need is an Internet connection and a Web browser. RESTful Web Services allow you to extend ViewDataNow right into your own infrastructure and to easily import data into data management and analysis platforms. We can even upload your data as a .csv file to FTP/FTPS/SFTP as soon as a Data Dolphin checks-in, or regularly send as an attachment via E-Mail.

Your data is your data. We provide many ways to access what belongs to you through Web Services, automatically e-mailed reports, and data exporting from within ViewDataNow.

ViewDataNow allows the user to interact with the project on a larger scale; to visually see current site conditions and clear any alarms that have occurred. Different views exist so you can easily get a geographical display of your site locations. ViewDataNow also handles all of your data and alarms, storing historical data for your sites and sending alerts to users when an alarm condition occurs. Real SMS and E-Mails can be sent to your alarm list and the alarm history is retained for you to go back on when you need to.

Sharing your sites and collaborating with field teams is not an issue with its built-in double-level user permissions. Setting different levels of security allows some users to interact with the application and make changes and others the right to only view your sites and data.

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