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Data Dolphin Model 400


  • Supports Wide Variety of Communication Methods
  • Graphing and Reporting via the Web or PC
  • Very Low Power Consumption
  • Solar / Battery / AC Power Operation
  • ANSI 12.18, and MODBUS
  • Non-Volatile Flash Memory
  • Universal Sensor Interface Now Supporting SDI-12
  • Remote Wireless Data Logging



he Data Dolphin provides the accuracy of a laboratory instrument in the harsh conditions of the field environment. The ultra-high resolution 24 bit analog to digital section provides 8 single ended inputs or 4 differential bipolar inputs (or a combination of both) with resolution down to 90 nano volts (.00000009 volts). This allows most sensors to be directly connected without any signal conditioning. It's wide range of input voltages allows for you to attach a wide range of different input types. There are an additional four inputs that can be user selected as pulse, status, event start/stop or analog inputs. SDI-12 sensors, data loggers, or sondes can also be connected to the DD-400 for a wide variety of monitoring capabilities.

Data is stored in a non-volatile flash memory module that gives long term storage without the fear of losing your data because of dead batteries. Data is stored inside a database structure, which allows you to add or delete inputs "on the fly" without having to restart the datalogger. Even the sample rate can be changed without restarting.

Designed for field use it's operating temperature range goes from -40°C to over 75°C and all inputs have static protection. It is powered internally by three "C" size alkaline batteries, however there is an adapter input for 120 VAC operation and an optional coin cell battery to keep the clock operating when the "C" battery pack is being exchanged. An external 12 volt source such as a rechargeable battery and/or solar panel can be connected. The Data Dolphins extremely low operating current gives the data logger an expected battery life of approximately 3 years (5 min sample rate).

Data collection, programming and viewing collected data is a breeze with the Data Dolphin Software. It allows you to view the current status, setup the logger, and generate graphs. You can also export your data to other programs for more detailed analysis and presentations. Support for ANSI 12.18, Modbus, and Internet protocols

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Maximum Input Voltage: 0 V to +2.5 V (0-20mA)
Analog Voltage Resolution: 1 µV
A/D Bits: 24
Input Impedance: 20 Gohm
Scan Interval: 3 to 100 Hz
Excitation Channels: 2
Excitation Voltage 1: +2500 mV
Excitation Voltage 2: +5000 mV

  • 8 - 24bit Single Ended Analogs or 4 Differentials or Combination of both (1 Differential = 2 Analogs)
  • 5 - 10bit Single Ended Analog
  • 2 - Frequency
  • 3 - SDI-12 Addresses/Devices
  • 4 - Counter/Status
  • 2 - Totalizers
Power Requirements

Power Supply: 6 to 25 VDC
Quiescent Current: < 400 µAmp (Typical)
Processing Current: 3 mA


Flash Memory: 4 MB
Data Values: 233,472 (1 Precision Input)

Case Material

Extruded Aluminum


Size (cm) 20.32 x 7.62 x 8.89
Size (inches) 8 x 3 x 3.5
Weight DD-400 with radio module, battery and antenna 0.918kg (2.024lbs)
DD-400 with battery pack only 0.778kg (1.715)
DD-400 alone 0.564kg (1.243lbs)

Operating Temperature Range

Standard -40 to +60°C
Extended -55 to +80°C