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In Road Antenna


  • Installed Flush with Road Surface
  • Suitable for High Traffic Locations
  • Many Different Frequencies Available
  • Easily Installs With Power Tools
  • Best Suited For All Climates
  • Available in Different Colours


Technical Notes

Manuals & Datasheets


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magine having the ability to communicate with your equipment that is installed in a manhole in the middle of a busy street; having the ability to not have to block traffic to retrieve your data anymore. Well then the Optimum Instruments In Road Antenna (ANT-IR) is the answer.

Our in road antenna features a rugged design which allows the antenna to be mounted directly into the pavement. The IR series antenna is waterproof with a steel base to attach the antenna securely to the road surface. Construction of the antenna uses adhesives that are resistant to JP-4, acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, motor oil, and gasoline. And its rugged construction makes it virtually tamper-proof. Our standard antenna has a TNC connector on the bottom of the mounting stem that attaches easily to the supplied 12' or 20' length of LMR195 cable. Rugged, and durable; this design makes this antenna an excellent choice for your high traffic area installations

Part Numbers
  • ANT-IR-860 (Analog Cellular)
  • ANT-IR-900 (ISM Spread Spectrum)
  • ANT-IR-8619 (Digital Cellular)
  • ANT-IR-2400 (Bluetooth, Wifi, ZigBee)

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VSWR at Resonant Point 2:1 max
Connector User Selectable
Nominal Impedance 50 Ohmz
Gain 3 dB
Polarization Vertical
Maximum Power Input 125 Watts

Height ~8 cm or 3"
Width ~18 cm or 7"
Length ~13 cm or 5"

-40 to +60°C