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Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge


  • High resolution metric output
  • Knife-edge collector optimizes rainfall catch
  • Anodized aluminum collector for superior weather resistance
  • Exceptional splash-out protection to compensate for wind errors
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Integral Bubble Level


Technical Notes

Manuals & Datasheets

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he RG-525 rainfall sensor is a remote tipping bucket rain gauge used to measure the amount of liquid precipitation caused by rainfall.

The rain gauge is a freestanding receptacle with mounting feet that allow for easy placement outdoors for measuring precipitation. It features an open top with grated filter to prevent debris entering but freely allows rainfall to enter into the collector. Collected water is funneled to a tipping bucket, which incrementally measures the rainfall accumulation and causes a momentary closure of a switch. As water is collected, the tipping bucket fills until tipping over emptying the bucket and readying the other side for collection. Each tip is equivalent to 0.1 mm of rainfall. Water discharged by the tipping bucket passes out of the rain gauge from below with no need for manual emptying and to prevent from condensation building up inside.

Part Numbers

Model Sizes RG-525I (Imperial) 10.0" height / 6.6" diameter
RG-525M (Metric) 12.0" height / 9.66" diameter
RG-525USW 11.25" height / 8.0" diameter

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Power Requirements

Switch: Momentary potted reed switch
Switch rating: 30 VDC @ 2 A, 115 VAC @ 1 A


Resolution: 0.1 mm Metric
Accuracy: 1.0% up to 2"/hr (50 mm/hr)

Case Material

Anodized aluminum

Operating Temperature Range

Temp. Range: 0 to 50° C
Storage Temp: -40 to 70° C