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Product Categories

Traffic Rated In-Road and Manhole Antennas

Traffic rated, in-road and manhole lid mounted antennas in all common frequencies such as for WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ISM, Cellular, Spread Spectrum and more. Whip, yagi, helical and other antenna types available as well.

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Standalone Data Loggers

Single channel standard precision, to multi channel high precision analog and digital sensor input data loggers. We offer units in NEMA 4X enclosures to protect your data acquisition device from the outdoors. Add a power system to yours to create a full featured remote telemetry solution.

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DIN Rail Modules

Signal conditioners, power converters, and communication modules. Modules are DIN rail mounted and work directly with any of our data loggers.

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Digital & Analog Sensors

We offer a variety of sensors and instruments for your monitoring needs such as surface and ground water level and quality. We also offer weather station instruments such as wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, solar radiation and rain fall with tipping bucket rain gauges.

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Web Applications and Desktop Software

Software used to configure, view, and retrieve your data collection. Data Dolphin 2 Windows software is used with any of our data loggers. The ViewDataNow web application can provide you with your data from anywhere.

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Custom & Complete Systems

Complete data acquisition (battery, AC, or solar panel powered) stations for any of your level monitoring, rainfall monitoring, or flow monitoring needs. We also offer solar power stations to use with your existing equipment.

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