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Our goal is to let our customers access their data in as many ways possible.

Ken Smelquist, Company Owner

Optimum Instruments Inc. is a locally owned company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Optimum specializes in providing solutions for data acquisition and retrieval through innovative hardware and software designs. Optimum was founded in 1994 by Ken Smelquist, the current chief executive officer, on a simple concept: let customers access their data in as many ways as possible.

Our data logger stores internally data read from digital, analog, and SDI-12 sensors and forwards that data through Cellular, Unlicensed Radio, Satellite, WiFi , Bluetooth, USB, RS232 and many other available communication channels. As well, customers always have the ability to work directly with us to come up with a custom solution that will work for them.

Optimums Data Dolphin lines of data logging products are capable of low power battery operation, to being complete remote solar powered systems. One of our strong areas of focus is remote groundwater monitoring with telemetry. Customers wishing to reduce manual site visits will provide specifications for new or existing sensing equipment they want to add telemetry to, which gives them the ability to automate data collection.

Why Dolphin?

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